Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 6/17/17 - Clear Creek Aikido

Aikido players:



Basic stretches.

The Walk:

Not today.


We played with the first 4 releases. We talked about different approaches to teaching them and teaching the principles behind them.


Before Trey arrived, I did a series of regular attacks with the jo (72). Followed by a couple of cycles across the mat with the attack for “hi otoshi” (72).

After Trey’s arrival, and discussing releases, etc., we did some work on the first 3 techniques of Ju Nana Hon Kata. We did lots of discussion in between, kibbitzing as well as discussion of teaching approaches.


I was wrong about Trey making a trip to the deer lease and he made an appearance.

We spent most of the class talking about how we wanted to structure classes in some way, shape or form. I’m not certain we came up with a set approach, but we’re going to try a slightly less regimented approach to class. I’d like to try that, and I’m going to try that, but I also know I’m very likely to fall back into a by-the-numbers approach, that’s just how I’m wired.

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