Seventy Seven

At the instant
A warrior
Confronts a foe,
All things
Come into focus.

"The Art of Peace" by Morihei Ueshiba

Class status
Change in class schedule and location - 9/15/15.
Latest updates
One promotion - 6/13/15
Four promotions - 11/29/14
Seven promotion - 10/19/14

Who we are

Welcome to Clear Creek Aikido. We are the home to, currently, one martial art: Tomiki-ryu Aikido.

We are currently dojoless. Classes are held at the homes of two of our black belts while we search for a new home. Contact Scott at 832-859-8692 for more information.

Our instructors are very experienced in their arts, our chief instructor has been studying for a number of decades. We have one 7th dan, one 4th dan, and one 2nd dan instructor.

Our main goal is to see that the students learn aikido in a safe, fun, and positive environment. But we are not just a martial arts school, we strive to be a social community as well. Accomplishments are noted and promotions are open for all to attend. We also have occasionally scheduled get-togethers away from the dojo and irregularly scheduled seminars.

We hope that you will call or stop by the dojo to get a more personal feel of the environment and sit in on a class or two. We want to help students learn!

Tim Cleghorn, Nanadan